6 Girls & A Maui – A True Story About Northland, New Zealand

On October 28th at exactly 11 in the morning, 6 Infinity Marketing girls came packed with their wits and several packets of pineapple lumps to sample the delights of Northland, New Zealand. With our 2 fearless leaders drawing the short straw (thanks Shannon and Cara), our designated drivers made their way from Auckland to Pahia in a 6 berth Maui Motorhome. The rest of us…. spurred on by Run DMC’s “Tricky” and Sir Mix a Lot’s “Baby got back” got to kick back and take in the incredible views (even when lost on dirt roads)!

From Parasailing with Flying Kiwi Parasail to a Taimai Tours Heritage Journey where we paddled to a waterfall in a traditional Maori Canoe, a Hole in the Rock Cruise and a spiritual twilight footprints tour through the bewitched Waipoua Forest – the 6 of us were incredibly humbled by the hospitality and expertise we experienced. It is safe to say that every one of us were smacked in the face by a whole host of different emotions. From trepidation at the thought of being suspended 250 meters in the air over the Bay of Islands, to feeling humbled, as we heard the cultural Maori tales and how important the Maori faith is to the people of Northland.

We were also at times a little nauseous (The Hole in the Rock Cruise was certainly the boat that rocked!)

However in the end, it was the Footprints Waipoa Twilight Tour that truly spoke to the little child inside all of us, as we were spellbound by the wonderment and sheer beauty of this tour, each of us coming home forever changed by what we experienced.

All in all, it was an incredible experience.

By Nadia Walker, former Infinity Holidays Promotions & Expo’s Marketing Manager

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